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Portrait of Gwen

I saw the performance of Gwen Verdon in "Can-Can" & was impressed by her performance & the way she moved. I had photographed the show, but was anxious to work with her one on one. Gwen was a typical night person. She liked to start working around midnight. She came to my studio in the early hours, changed into her costume, & took a few minutes to warm up.  Then she erupted into a mind-boggling display of moves, jumps, turns, all demonstrating total abandon.

At one point she flung herself into the air, tossing her skirt so that the top part of her body disappeared.  I clicked away. Even though her face was completely hidden, I saw it as an explicit portrait of Gwen.  The move required tremendous effort, yet her hand, holding her skirt, looked poised and delicate, without a trace of tension. That was Gwen, speaking her own language.